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What’s Happening Down There – Scene 1

Posted by on 29 octobre 2009 | No comments
Don’t get confused by the barn-setting, it’s not someone helping a cow give birth in this video, rather it’s Antonio sticking his fist up Rick’s well-deserving hole for pure pleasure. After fingering the sweet ass, Antonio gets his muscled forearm into action, moving so far inside Rich that he almost reaches his elbow before he stops. CLICK HERE

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Your Ass Is Mine – Scene 1

Posted by on 22 mars 2009 | Commentaires fermés
We serve up our champion, Matthieu Paris to Antonio Biaggi. Aantonio starts out eating Matthieu’s delicious ass with gusto. Then Antonio serves up his own giant uncut Puerto Rican wonder cock, opening up Matthieu some more. Still not content with what he’s got, Antonio easily slides his hand along side his fat cock! Wow! CLICK HERE

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